Innovative Marriage & Money Workshop

Helping couples plan their financial future together.

Stress in Relationships

Countless surveys have shown that money is the primary source of stress in relationships, and it’s no wonder — most couples receive little to no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the knot.

  • How does each spouse value money? How do they make decisions?
  • How do their retirement goals and strategies compare and intergrate?
  • What are some of the estate-planning and legal considerations married couples face?
  • How does marriage impact taxes and insurance?

Finding the Answers

Couples can find the answers to those questions and much more in Marriage & Money: Planning 4 Forever AfterTM, a new workshop from Roderick Givens, Certified Financial Planner® with RainierView Advisors.

“Most couples, even very successful ones, often limit their pre-wedding financial discussion to whether they should combine their checking and savings accounts,” says Givens. “That’s really not enough. Marriage is about two people building a life together, and finances play a big part in that.”

Marriage & Money Workshop

Engaged and married couples alike are finding the workshop to be a worthwhile investment — and so are parents of these couples, who often want to help their children prevent the financial stress they faced in their own marriages.

“When you consider the financial commitment that goes into most weddings today,” Givens says, “it makes a lot of sense to invest a little time and money to help create a solid foundation for the marriage itself.”

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More than just money

Marriage & Money goes well beyond traditional financial guidance — Givens has assembled a wealth of other experts, resources and takeaways for attendees, covering estate planning, taxes, risk management and more. Participants in the 2.5-hour workshop receive:

  • Assistance with understanding their current cash flow, and how it impacts budgeting
  • Advice on finding the right financial strategies for both day-to-day living and retirement planning — and how to best execute those strategies
  • A detailed overview of common issues faced by married couples, such as communication challenges
  • A questionnaire for each spouse to illustrate attitudes about money
  • A sample cash-flow analysis, balance sheet and financial plan
  • A list of resources, including financial planners, CPAs, estate-planning attorneys, etc.

The workshop is designed for couples to learn about financial issues without any sales pressure. Participants can utilize their new knowledge to begin addressing these issues on their own if desired, or find a trusted professional to help on their journey.

“Marriage & Money isn’t about pushing anyone to a particular financial planner, accountant or attorney,” Givens says. “All we want to do is help people consider important issues as they enter this next phase of their lives — and encourage them to seek additional guidance from any professional if they feel they would benefit.”


About Roderick Givens and RainierView Advisors

Roderick Givens, founder of RainierView Advisors, has nearly 20 years of experience in financial planning and asset management. A Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Investment Management Analyst®, he serves individuals and small businesses with an approach that focuses on understanding people and helping them comprehend, evolve and ultimately succeed in meeting their goals. Givens has held roles as an investment analyst, manager, business development director and investment sales director with some of the largest firms in the world. He recently was named “Best Financial Advisor” in the 2016 Best of South Seattle Awards.

Other Workshops

Other workshops offered by Givens and RainierView Advisors include sessions for

  • Already-married couples
  • Those expecting kids
  • People preparing for career or business transitions
  • Couples looking to retire soon
  • Individuals and families seeking assistance with family-care planning.


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About Us

Marriage and Money is a consortium of experienced credentialed professionals related to sustainable financial planning for couples.  The professions include: financial planners, estate planning attorney’s, life insurance agents, bankers, real estate agents, CPA’s, and couple therapist. We do not share fees, nor offer exclusive arrangements for workshop attendee’s.

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