Financial Services

Going Back to Basics

Buying a house or condominium involves not only finding the right property, but also finding the right mortgage. Fortunately, the choices are less confusing than in the recent past. Since interest rates are significantly lower, the types of mortgages commonly available have decreased. The biggest question is: Given the available options, which mortgage is right…

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The Changing Face of ‘Retirement’   My stepmother turned 60 this year — but if you think that means she’s slowing down, think again. She’s in great shape, works in a technical field and volunteers regularly. She’s not planning to “retire” in the traditional sense anytime in the near future, either. She calls it “the new…

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Engaged? Financial Planning for Couples – Event: April 28

ENGAGED? MONEY AND FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR COUPLES This is a fun but important discussion of the financial aspects of marriage – often not fully understood by couples in their pre-marriage preparation. If money is the #1 source of disagreement between couples, The Money Talk for Couples will help identify complex challenges and offer solutions before…

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