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Going Back to Basics

By Rainier View Advisors | October 5, 2017

Buying a house or condominium involves not only finding the right property, but also finding the right mortgage. Fortunately, the choices are less confusing than in the recent past. Since interest rates are significantly lower, the types of mortgages commonly available have decreased. The biggest question is: Given the available options, which mortgage is right…

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By Rainier View Advisors | August 22, 2017

The Changing Face of ‘Retirement’   My stepmother turned 60 this year — but if you think that means she’s slowing down, think again. She’s in great shape, works in a technical field and volunteers regularly. She’s not planning to “retire” in the traditional sense anytime in the near future, either. She calls it “the new…

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By Rainier View Advisors | October 13, 2016
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By Rainier View Advisors | October 12, 2016
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Financial Planning for Couples – Workshop: May 31

By Rainier View Advisors | May 21, 2016

Simplify the complexity of your financial picture by asking the right questions.

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Engaged? Financial Planning for Couples – Event: April 28

By Rainier View Advisors | April 28, 2016

ENGAGED? MONEY AND FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR COUPLES This is a fun but important discussion of the financial aspects of marriage – often not fully understood by couples in their pre-marriage preparation. If money is the #1 source of disagreement between couples, The Money Talk for Couples will help identify complex challenges and offer solutions before…

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By Rainier View Advisors | March 22, 2016
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The Last Social Taboo

By Rainier View Advisors | November 8, 2017

  In the last 4 months, we’ve really broken through a lot of the social taboos. When I was growing up, I was taught never to talk about sex, politics or religion in social gatherings. Those walls have been broken through if not trampled upon. But there is one conversation that people are very hesitant to talk about. Marriage and money. As a financial…

A Genetic Test to Spot Health Risks

By Rainier View Advisors | October 15, 2017

Scientists first mapped the human genome 14 years ago. Since then, they have learned a lot about genetics, and someday that wisdom may lead to a cure for many diseases. But we’re not there yet. There’s “a ton we don’t understand,” says Lawrence Brody, director of the genomics and society division at the National Human…

The Gentle Practice of Reiki

By Rainier View Advisors | September 28, 2017

Reiki is a gentle, therapeutic modality that originated in Japan to promote stress reduction and relaxation for the natural healing of the body. Reiki is a technique centered on the placing of hands on or above certain areas of the body to release blocked energy, which creates the body’s own healing response. It is based…

Accident-Proofing Your Home

By Rainier View Advisors | September 4, 2017

While you and your family appreciate the many comforts of home, the potential accident risks that exist inside and outside your home may go unnoticed. Here are some simple steps to help convert your home sanctuary into a safer environment for family members and house guests to enjoy: Make sure your smoke alarms are tested…

Up On the Green Roof

By Rainier View Advisors | August 29, 2017

Especially in parts of the country where the sun shines brightly and temperatures are high, “green” roofs can offer an environmentally friendly, durable, and cost-efficient alternative to conventional roof surfaces, providing a longer roof lifespan, greater acoustic insulation, lower heating and cooling costs, and reduced storm water runoff. While green roofing was first applied to…

Rising Markets: Should You be on “Cruise Control”?

By Rainier View Advisors | August 25, 2017

In the past, frequently big gains typified the investment market scenery. And, while many individuals may pay attention to the general principles of asset allocation when driving down the road of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) portfolio management, it is understandable that sometimes being broadly diversified may be overlooked. As a result, it may become easier…

Viewpoints – Understanding Market Volatility

By Rainier View Advisors | November 6, 2016


By Rainier View Advisors | January 22, 2016

This Friday at Redwing Cafe is the inaugural Viewpoints – Perspective on the economy and financial markets