Many people believe RainierView represents the view OF Mt. Rainier. It's a reasonable assumption since Mt. Rainier is majestic, seen from many points in the Puget Sound Area, and an icon of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle.

However, RainierView refers to the view or perspective FROM a high level like Mt. Rainier to a multitude of destinations. We feel that financial planning isn't about helping a client reach one point in their financial picture. Instead, we help them understand where they want to go. Evaluate the various routes and ultimately be with them as they navigate all complexities of their financial journey.


Financial advisors may be a dime a dozen, but RainierView Advisors, LLC is proud to be different. Understanding out clients and LISTENING to their needs is one of our biggest priorities. We want to do what’s truly best for our clients, rather than just what can be defended. The easiest strategy may not be the best one, and we will go above and beyond to do what’s right for you and YOUR NEEDS. Instead of developing a financial plan and leaving you to figure it out on your own, we will be BY YOUR SIDE, helping you execute it in order to create a stable foundation for your future.

We will do more than simply help; we want to build a BASE OF KNOWLEDGE that can benefit you forever. By simplifying the complexities of the market and economy for clients so they can make more confident and better decisions, we can help each and every person we work with LEARN the necessary skills to succeed. We are good at what we do and if we can’t provide you with the services you need, we will REFER you to someone who can. We do not give nor receive compensation for referrals, so you can be sure anyone we recommend is truly the right fit for you. Our only compensation is from the advice we give to our clients so only goal is to have successful satisfied clients.


1. Listen to your concerns without bias

2. Respect your money

3. Provide solution and various alternatives without a product sale

4. monitor your progress

5. Keep in touch – on your terms


  • The market has done well but I’m not sure if I’m on track for retirement?
  • What does retirement look like for me and my family?
  • Can I change careers at my age and still be financial OK?
  • What should I leave for my family and how can I do it effectively?
  • College is expensive; how can I help my kids without jeopardizing our retirement?
  • How much is “enough” for retirement?
  • Where am I financially from a big picture perspective?
  • Are my investments tied to my long term goals?
  • Does my advisor know my most valued asset, my family?
  • Can someone explain how world events effect my portfolio in a language that I can understand?
  • Will my advisor only help me if I buy a product?
  • I’ve had a financial plan before but can someone actually follow through?

Fiduciary Statement

Rainer View Advisors understands and agrees to act as a fiduciary and accept the personal responsibility for the advice we provide to our clients. As a fiduciary, we will act in the best interest of these clients.

The advice we provide as a fiduciary will be based on our best judgment of what a prudent person would do under the same circumstances. As a fiduciary we are not responsible for the financial results that are achieved or not achieved, provided that we can document the prudent process used to arrive at advice we give.

As a fiduciary, our advice will be consistent with the principles of diversification so as to minimize the risk of large losses, unless under the circumstances it is shown to be imprudent to diversify.

The advice we provide as a fiduciary will be in accordance with any documents or other instruments governing the client and consistent with existing laws and regulations.